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Full Listing Service

List Your Property With Us For Only 1.5 % 
Instead Of The Standard Listing Fee Of 3%

We understand that FSBOs prefer to go it alone, with the hopes of gaining more profit by avoiding the standard 6% commission fee, which is why we offer the flat fee service. However, we noticed that about 89% of flat fee customers were making costly mistakes. We often step in and assist customers outside of the scope of the flat fee plans. We decided it would be better to offer a discounted full listing service with a commission rate of 1.5%. Take a look at the benefits of our full listing service and consider all of your options. 


Below Are A Few Points To Think About Before Going It Alone. We Handle All Of These Matters When You Our A Full Listing Client.

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Selling a home is fraught with potential legal pitfalls. With no agent, FSBOs are unprotected from lawsuits if something goes wrong.

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Pricing a home should be based on the market value, etc. Overpriced homes don't sale or they get low ball offers the longer it's listed.

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With no agent, it’s wise to hire an attorney to review your offers. They are legally binding contracts and prepared by the buyer's agent.

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Negotiating offers involve more than price. The legal contingencies are important and can cost time, and money, if done improperly.

"Why Not Let The Professionals Do It"?

It’s true...some homes actually do sell themselves and some homeowners are able to be successful FSBO sellers, however this is not the case for majority of FSBOs, and a lot of that success could be contributed to the location, price, or experience of the seller. According to the 2017 National Association of REALTORS®, the typical FSBO home sold for $190,000 compared to $249,000 for agent-assisted home sales. After going it alone for a period time, ultimately most FSBOs end up listing with an agent. According to Realtor statistics, in 2016, ​89% of sellers were assisted by a real estate agent when selling their home, while only 8% were FSBOs.

Many FSBOs feel that they can save money and time by selling their homes by themselves, but on average, FSBOs spend more time on the market and sell for less money than homes listed by an agent. Most importantly the seller lacks representation and has no one to look out for their best interest, like buyers with agents. 88% of all buyers use an agent to purchase their home.


"1.5% Is Not Bad And
It's Still A Discount"

When you think about it, you are only paying .5% more for full representation if you were already planning on paying a buyer's agent 3%, which we don't recommend in this market. Why pay a buyer's agent 3%, on top of taking legal risks, and doing all the work yourself? Why not have full protection and representation like buyers with agents do? Also, something else to consider, is when you don't have a listing agent, you will be relying on the buyer's agent to control the transaction. A buyer's agent is legally and ethically required to look out for their client's best interest, not yours. 

Our full listing service offers a number of valuable benefits. To see more benefits and important points to consider before going it alone, click here.

Signing Up For Our Full Service

Is Easy & Hassle-Free


"And The Easy Exit Listing Agreement Offers Added Protection"........

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If You Have Any Questions, Click Here. You May Also Text Us at (404) 969-5422 Or Call At (404) 419-6963.

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