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Flat Fee Full Service - Commission Comparison

We charge only 2% instead of the average 3% for our full listing service and then pass the savings on to you. Also, when you sign up for our full listing service, we usually set the commission at 2% for a buyer’s agent instead of the typical 3% fee. Every property is different so we base this decision on a number of factors like the property, market conditions, and the price. Of course, we will discuss this with you first then come up with a commission fee for the buyer’s agent that everyone can agree upon. Keep in mind that the buyer’s commission fee will not be an issue if the buyer has no agent no matter which service you choose.


4% is typically the total commission you would pay with our full listing service which isn't a major difference from the flat fee plans when you break down the difference. For example, if an agent brings you a buyer and you pay a commission of 3%., when you add the buyer’s commission of 3% to our flat fee listing commission of .0035 or .0055 (depending on the flat fee plan you choose), you would be paying at a minimum 3.0035 or a maximum of 3.0055. If you were paying 2% to the buyer’s agent then it would be 2.0035 or 2.0055.

Obviously, it is still a difference and the flat fee plans are cheaper. It really comes down to the time you want to spend selling your property and your knowledge about the process versus money. The decision is up to you and we will still provide superior customer service whether you select the flat fee plan or the full listing service

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