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Order Instructions - How It Works

MLS Preparation Time-Frame-

Preparing a property listing for the MLS database can take 1-3 days depending on when the order is placed and the time-frame the seller takes to provide the requested information.


Property Information & Photos-

Once you decide to order, you will first fill out our property information form and upload your photos for the MLS listing.


Seller's Listing Agreement-

After filling out the property information form you will receive the exclusive seller’s listing (limited transaction) agreement. (A seller’s listing agreement is required to list a property on the MLS no matter what company/broker you decide to use). Our agreement simply says you are giving us permission to list your property on the MLS. (It says exclusive because only one broker can list a property on the MLS during a specified time-frame. This has nothing to do with you marketing/advertising your property in other ways, etc., to get it sold.) The agreement also states the terms regarding the flat fee listing service, which is different (it’s a limited transaction) than a typical exclusive seller’s listing agreement.



When the agreement is signed, an invoice will be emailed to you with a link to pay for your service using Paypal. 


Your MLS Listing-

Your listing will be prepared within 24 hours (or sooner) and go live depending on the time and day your order is placed, A copy of your listing will be emailed to you for your review. You can make changes to the listing at this time.


If you have any questions about how our service works, please contact us prior to placing your order by clicking here or giving us a call at (404) 419-6963. If you have a quick question and want answers now text us at (404) 969-5422.

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Get More Bang For Your Buck!

Full Listing Service

Only 3.5% Total Commission  

Why pay the buyer’s agent a huge commission while you do all the work!? Although we know you can go it alone, why bother? Hire professionals and protect yourself legally when you become a client. Our 3.5% makes sense when you think about it. For example, if your buyer has an agent and you choose to pay 3%, having legal protection and seller representation like the buyer for an additional .5% is well worth it.


To Read More About Our Full Listing Service, Click Here

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